Our Story

As a pet parent for two decades, it has become obvious that our fur babies have been pushed to the wayside, when it pertains to physical, mental and emotional support.  Yes... we depend on them for our cuddles and comfort, but does anyone stop to think what they may need in return?
Animals have natural instincts for survival, and their senses are developed and strengthened to support those instincts. Imagine your taste, touch, hearing, and sight amplified 24 hours a day, without being able to shut it off.  Just their hearing alone can be a cause for anxiety and stress. Think of storm brewing, then actually hitting the area...  You know the feeling.  Looking out of the window at the storm clouds, hearing the thunder rolling in.  Now amplify those feelings by 100.  How long has your pet been sensing it, feeling it, anticipating it?  Can you imagine the intensity of it all?  Would you not give them the support and help they need to ease those feelings?
Like humans, canines have a full endocannabinoid system, with receptors waiting to be nourished.  When these receptors receive the proper amount of cannabinoids, specific proteins and other nutrients work in what is called an “entourage effect.”  Meaning, the cannabinoids may enhance and synergize the nutrients already in their systems.  Giving our pets the nutrient rich foods and vitamins, and making sure they get the right amount of physical activity is great, but genetically may not be a enough for some.  The cannabinoids can complement and upgrade the kind of care your pet is already receiving, to give them their best lives, helping to ease their nerves while enriching their systems, in a natural and holistic way.
Chubbs products have been tested by humans, on humans, before they were administered to any animals.  Not only can our products help to control the anxiety and stress that can build in our fur babies, but it can improve their day to day lifestyle, and enhance their entire well-being.  We have combined natural and organic ingredients to keep our pets healthy and thriving for as long as possible.  At the end of the day, it will be comforting to know that your pet is receiving all the love, care and support that you can provide them, considering that they do the same for us.